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01-2906873, 01-2956286

Moday - Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm

About Us

Mission Statement

Our mission at 4H Offshore is to provide optimal, timely, and quality goods and services in a safe and environmentally friendly manner to the Oil and Gas, power, and petrochemical industries. Our mission is also to be a global player where all stakeholders benefit. It is our mission at 4H Offshore to contribute to the development of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry with a view to enhancing the development of local skill and expertise within the industry in Nigeria while ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement on our processes and services. In order to accomplish this mission, 4H Offshore dedicates itself to the provision of exceptional, quality and cost effective services which we are able to offer with the technical support of our partners who are leaders in their various fields. 4H Offshore will lay emphasis on training and manpower development, while we maintain an atmosphere conducive to employee productivity and provide the required operational and logistic support for our foreign partners. All these will be done with the clients as our primary focus and our services will be tailored to meet our client’s specific requirements provided these requirements do not contravene regulatory and statutory requirements.


More About Us

4H Offshore Limited performs Verification & Qualification Services, We assist numerous operators in meeting the technical qualification requirement by serving as a Certified Verification Agent (CVA).this is achieved by conducting the following activities.

  • party verification of the design, fabrication, and installation for all types of riser systems including SCRs, TTRs, hybrid risers and flexible risers, pipelines connected to floating platforms subsea umbilical and all other associated equipment.
  • Review and validation of design and installation documentation and procedures
  • Certified verification agent (CVA) – design, fabrication and installation
  • Monitoring of fabrication and installation
  • Review and validation of existing designs and installed systems
  • Life extension CVA

Some other activities of 4H Offshore Limited includes qualification testing of components and fabrication methods. We also help define, plan and perform successful qualification testing on a variety of components including taper stress joints, buoyancy modules, mechanical connections, welded connections and the associated inspection systems, tensioning systems, monitoring systems and managed pressure drilling riser components. Our experience extends from high strength metallic materials to non-metallic materials used in seals, coatings and monitoring.

Our qualification testing capability focus around two key areas of expertise: that of industry codes and standards such as API, ISO, ASTM, DNV, ABS and NACE, etc., and the use knowledge of testing equipment such as valves, fittings, HPU’s, as well as data acquisition systems and methods of data interpretation.

We engage in development and implementation of detailed testing protocols that would assist our clients to succeed in their testing programs for both evolution of existing technology and the development of novel technology. This is done by conducting the following: -

  • Outlining qualification testing requirements.
  • Developing of qualification testing plan and procedures for new technology
  • Testing fixture design and fabrication
  • Identification and sourcing of testing instrumentation and monitoring
  • Reviewing third party testing procedures
  • Qualification test costing and scheduling
  • Witness/oversight of third party testing
  • Identification of testing facilities