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01-2906873, 01-2956286

Moday - Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm

Safety and Environment

Safety and environment protection is crucial in the Oil and Gas Industry. An accident on-site or caused by an equipment could have major impact on the environment, human life, cost and the reputation of the company. Providing protection against possible damage to the integrity of vessels, structures and assets means to put in place regulatory procedures to manage health and safety..

The services 4H Offshore renders to this effect are; Certification, Inspection, Testing and analysis

  • Inspection
  • Certification
  • Testing and Analysis


4H Offshore certifies the different components of products, human resource, equipment and systems. Certifications give the company enablement to operate and build its reputation. Audits, standardized testing and inspection are the means by which certification is issued. Certification is maintained through regular audits.


4H Offshore ensures that every criterion is met by conducting on-site inspections of assets, products and mode of operation. The 4H Offshore inspection services range from quality control, risk reduction, confirmation of quality, as well as ensuring exploration and production companies meet regulatory requirements.

4H Offshore conducts inspection on installations and products multiple times across its life cycle to verify specified quality and guarantee safety.

Testing and Analysis

A material's made up characteristic is determined by testing and analysis of the material. 4H Offshore provides clients with the assurance of quality products that are safe, without the exception that they comply with rules and regulations that are applicable.