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01-2906873, 01-2956286

Moday - Friday: 8.00am to 6.00pm

Subsea Engineering

4H Offshore provides independent and integrated subsea engineering services from conceptual definition and design to construction, operation and maintenance.

At 4H Offshore, we have a holistic multidisciplinary approach and pay regard to system performance and interfacing. We perform standalone services and work in integrated teams with our clients. We are product independent, and dedicated to using our in-depth experience in subsea engineering and integrating services to provide maximum value for our clients. With an increasing in the need for efficiency, reliability and durability, clients are provided with cutting edge technologies for subsea infrastructure that are based upon decades of experience. Provided solutions offer clients with configurations for all weather conditions with a reduction in installation and maintenance cost. Accompanying our great products is the anytime, anywhere guaranteed support offered to keep equipment running at maximum efficiency and capacity.

Our Subsea Solutions Includes:


  • Water Treatment
    1. We specialize in treating the water that is being injected into the drilling site to prevent contamination of the oil.
    2. Treatment of water being discharged back into the water bodies.
  • Water Injections
    1. Pumping water into the oil well to increase the pressure of the oil for production or to raise the level of oil in the well. This helps with the displacement of the oil.
  • Gas injections
    1. Pumping gas into the oil well to maintain pressure of the reservoir for production.
  • Subsea separation
    1. Separation of contaminants such as sand from the oil being produced.

Equipment Supply:

  • Flowline
    1. We supply pipe connecting manifold/processing equipment to a wellhead.
  • Risers
    1. Riser for transportation of produced hydrocarbons and production materials from seabed to topside.
  • Control systems
    1. Equipment for monitoring of individual pipe conditions including detection of hotspots, position and time of a breach in the pipe, position control of external mounting accessories and control of remaining fatigue life.
  • Manifolds
    1. We design and manufacture Manifold used to divert oil/gas without flow interruption in our facility in Nigeria.
  • Diverter
    1. We supply diverters used in maintaining and diverting wellbore fluids and gases during your drilling operations.
    2. Control low-pressure kicks and to divert dangerous gases away from the rig through overboard valves and piping attached to the Diverter housing.
  • Wellheads
    1. We supply through our strategic partner Wellheads used at the surface to provide structural and pressure containing interface for drilling and production equipment.
  • Remote Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV)
    1. We extensive range of ROV that are used for deep water equipment repairs that diver may not be able to reach or potential mine site mineral testing.

Suction Pile Foundation

The subsea development is limited by the foundation options.Suction pile foundation has both cost and capacity advantages. There are a few myths of design a suction pile, and ignoring or being unaware of those myths could have huge fiscal impact to a project.


Pipeline End Terminations (PLET ) and Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM) are designed to be attached to the end of subsea pipelines, providing a support for pipelines and a means to connect to other subsea structures.

  • Subsea hardware Manual
  • Methodology and Philosophy

Suction Pile Foundation

The subsea development is limited by the foundation options. Suction pile foundation has both cost and capacity advantages. There are a few myths of design a suction pile, and ignoring or being unaware of those myths could have huge financial impact to a project.


Our other subsea engineering services include:

  • Early Engineering & Concept Design
  • Pre-FEED & FEED
  • Field Development & Systems Engineering
  • Pipeline & Flowline Design
  • Flow Assurance
  • Riser and Manifold Design
  • Annulus Testing & AVMS
  • Integrity Solutions
  • 3D Analysis Finite Element Analysis
  • Integrity Analysis & Management
  • Subsea Automation and Control
  • Well tie-backs, interventions and maintenance
  • Pipeline Design Analysis
  • Fabrication and assembly of subsea structures

Our unique expertise in subsea structures provide quick and cost-efficient solutions to you. Our Subsea Engineering and Technical Services are:

  • Subsea hardware Manual
  • Methodology and Philosophy
  • Design Basis
  • Procedures
  • Study / Review / Check
  • Specifications
  • Analysis / Calculation / Design
  • Reports
  • Data Sheets
  • Bid Support (RFQ and TBE)

Our Subsea Structural Analysis / Calculation / Design include:,

  • Foundation Suction Piles Design and Analysis
  • PLET/PLEM Design and Analysis
  • Riser Base Manifolds Design and Analysis
  • Rigid Jumpers Design and Analysis
  • ILS/ILT Design and Analysis
  • Rigid Pipeline Installation Analysis
  • Umbillical Pull-in and Installation Analysis
  • Subsea Hardware Installation Analysis